Nettoyage Eco Vert

Contact Name: Stephanie Riddell

Address : 

76 43e Ave, Pincourt, QC J7W 4H9

Telephone: 514-512-5326

Cleaning Coach/Teacher – How to detoxify your living spaces


At Nettoyage Eco Vert, our goal is to help convert the public to non-toxic, chemical-free methods of cleaning. Through our company’s work philosophy, we are focused on the importance of limiting our environmental impact and how we can work sustainably when it comes to cleaning.

We want to demonstrate that sanitization does not equal cleanliness, and we are committed to showing how important it is for household cleaning to be environmentally friendly. With the help of ENJO and Terracycle, NEV’s products are vegan, cruelty-free, VOC-free, and zero-waste.

With a focus on sustainability, we are dedicated to sharing educational materials about cleaning mechanically rather than chemically. Our educational services are highly personalized, so that clients can address their needs based on any concerns about allergies, their children, or their pets. With a staff of qualified cleaning teachers and coaches, NEV aims to provide a consistent and environmentally conscious service to Montreal and West Island.