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Contact Name: Terri Ronci

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116 Leacock Avenue
Pointe-Claire, Quebec, H9R 1H1

Telephone: 514-243-6123

Brand Creation and Coaching



Your brand WERKS when you do. What does this mean? It means that a successful brand ALWAYS starts with the commitment, confidence and clarity of the person or business behind it. Often, business owners get so busy, they lose sight of what they stand for and what their audience wants to hear. But staying close to our goals and listening to our audience is everything in business, and your brand is the living, visual expression of this. If you give your brand the love and time it deserves, your brand will start to WERK for you. This is what we help small business owners do. We help you get to the root of your mission and your purpose, so that your brand can walk your talk and pledge a powerfully unique level of commitment everywhere it goes.