Kmac Copywriting

Contact Name: Kelly MacDonald 

Address : 
733 rue Agnes
Montreal, QC H4C2P9

Telephone: 515-209-0346

Content Strategist & Copywriter


Many entrepreneurs struggle to match their business vision with a compelling brand message. As a strategist and copywriter, Kelly helps entrepreneurs clarify their message and connect to the right audience by combining effective marketing strategies with unique storytelling.

With over ten years of experience, Kelly and her team work with individual clients and agencies to help craft the right message to correspond with an engaging user experience within digital and analog contexts.  Services include content strategies and content creation that align with the medium used to deliver that message to ensure that a business effectively communicates its objectives and vision across selected channels.

Kelly has built a thriving business because she believes in 100% transparency and collaboration with all stakeholders on any project.  Boasting a list of loyal and happy clients, Kelly is always looking to help purpose-driven brands elevate their content and marketing initiatives so that they can grow and scale with greater ease.