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What does Frylow do?

Frylow is a set of ceramic bricks that works with the oil at the molecular level. It creates a negative charge in the oil allowing the food to repel away from the oil. It also stops the oil from thickening, slowing the oxidation process and allowing the oil to last longer.

What are the advantages of using Frylow?

Frylow is designed to increase the life of your oil. The food cooked with Frylow will also be lighter, crispier, tastier, and healthier due to less oil being absorbed into the food.

Is Frylow safe to use in deep fryer oil?

Yes, Frylow technology has been approved by Health Canada’s Health Products and Food Branch Food Directorate Bureau of Chemical Safety, also by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and is certified by the Standard Council of Canada.

How do we know when to change the oil?

To ensure you do not underuse or overuse your oil, use 3M™ Oil Quality Test Strips as your guide to know when to change the oil. When the bottom of the strip turns yellow, taste the food. These 3M strips simply offer you a guide. Whenever you become unsatisfied with the taste of the food, that’s your cue to change the oil.

What is the guarantee on Frylow units?

The guarantee on units is 5 years.

With proper maintenance, they could last longer.

What temperature should the fryer be set at?

For optimal thermal conductivity, 340°F to 350°F is the ideal temperature.