Cindy Riding

Leader & Facilitator of Customized Language Programs

CR/SL Virtual Inc.
1275 Avenue des Canadiens-de-Montreal
Suite 500
Montreal, Quebec
H3B 0G4


I specialize in professional development as it relates to language acquisition. I facilitate customized online programs to bridge communication gaps within organizations and improve internal and client communication.

Insufficient language skills can lead to conflicts among global teams, suppliers, and clients. As companies increasingly operate on a global scale, effective communication with diverse colleagues and stakeholders becomes crucial. Global expansion demands a multilingual workforce capable of seamless communication.

Companies are realizing the value of investing in a corporate language learning strategy to break down communication barriers and foster global collaboration.

✤ Enhances overall performance (productivity, communications, and customer service)

✤ Strengthens communication and collaboration across teams

✤ Improves staff-customer communication for better client service

With the widespread adoption of remote work, corporations have shifted to virtual workplaces, emphasizing the importance of remote-based learning.

While online learning holds equal value, it offers a distinct experience. We’ve invested time to understand and effectively leverage the unique qualities of remote learning.