Danielle Bendavid

Director of Quality, Compliance and Health & Safety

PiVAL International
16720 Trans-Canada Hwy Suite 201
Kirkland, Quebec
H9H 4M7



With over 24 years of market experience within the pharmaceutical industry, I have been privileged to amass a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Quality and procurement realm.  My career span has encompassed diverse roles primarily in drug manufacturing, wholesaling & distribution.

Establishing strong quality foundations while refining my leadership skills and moving towards more strategic leadership roles have enabled me to gain a wholesome view on transferring my skills to my current employer, PiVAL International, a privately owned 3PL specializing in supply chain management, planning, and transportation.

With 20 years of experience in supporting our customers’ growth, PiVAL has the expertise, technology, and strategic networks to provide our customers with tailored end-to-end supply chain solutions.

Our large company-like resources and small company-like agility, as well as our customer centric service, has allowed us to form long-term partnerships with our loyal customers and become true Partners in Value Added Logistics.