Michael Moleski, ing.

Structural Engineer






I am a structural engineer specializing in the built environment. I practice in the commercial, retail, residential, institutional, light industrial, and public sectors of activity. In collaboration with architects, owners, property managers and contractors I develop structural solutions for both new and existing buildings, in compliance with local building codes and material standards.

Below are some of the services I offer:

  • Building condition assessments for pre-purchase evaluation or asset rehabilitation.
  • Design of new buildings including foundation design.
  • Forensic investigation studies of existing buildings experiencing excessive structural stress or failure.
  • Specifications for rehabilitation of environmentally degraded structures.
  • Structural strengthening of existing buildings for increased load demand from equipment or change of occupancy.
  • Peer reviews of contract documents and recommendations prepared by other engineers.
  • Evaluation and instructions for modifying structures to accommodate the retrofit, renovation, and tenant improvement of existing buildings.
  • Providing expert witness reports.
  • Preparing the appropriate contract documents, letters and drawings, signed and sealed by an engineer licensed in the province of Quebec.