Sophie Labonne


Slabon Consultants
976, Brunel St.,
Laval, QC
H7W 5H7




Founded in 2021, Slabon Consultants offers translation services to small and medium size companies looking to expand their visibility to francophone clients.  Specializing in English to French translation, whether it is for official documents, marketing or website content, the company has won multiple mandates since its inception, from major banks, wealth management firms, artificial intelligence and supply chain management start-ups as well as suppliers of iron ore mining machinery.  Sophie Labonne, president of Slabon Consultants and EMBA, relies on more than 36 years of working experience, mainly in the banking and financial sectors (investments, credit or financial planning) to share with clients her broad knowledge of the financial world, a definite competitive advantage in addition to her translation skills. Her main goals are to provide professional services that meet expectations and deadlines!